Vivica Fox Wigs Collection, Styles and Shopping Tips

The Vivica Fox Wigs Collection makes a stunning comeback with new styles and countless choices. Famous actress Vivica Fox worked with renowned and expert hair stylists to give you a range of options, all of which are designed to make red carpet statements at a price you can genuinely afford. The wigs include a wide selection of salon-inspired colors featuring high quality fibers and styles that are some of the hottest trends of today. If you’re looking for a combination of value and quality, these wigs are worth looking at.

Vivica Fox Wigs


The Vivica Fox Wigs Collections

The latest wig offerings from Vivica Fox are designed for one major purpose, that is, to make you look like a fox and a superstar without much effort on your end. The wigs come with easy to use applications so you can get ready in a breeze. Included in the collection are the following styles:

  • Synthetic Wigs
  • Human Hair Wigs
  • Remy Wigs
  • Lace Wigs
  • Handmade Wigs
  • Half Wigs

Vivica Fox Wigs

Vivica Fox Wigs Selection Considerations

Just like buying shoes or jewelries, basic understanding of wig details is important to trim down your choices and pick the best style that works best with your mane and personality. In general, there are four details to take into account when shopping for the best wigs.

  • Cut/Style – Narrow down your list by first deciding on desired length, texture and style. Whether it’s short or long, curly or straight, the key is to stick with one that you’re comfortable with until you’re ready to explore other styles.
  • Cap Size – Majority of wig users go with average sized choices but that doesn’t always apply with everyone. There are large and petite sizes in addition to regular sizes. To ensure correct size, measure your cap size.

Vivica Fox Wigs Cap Size

  • Composition – When it comes to composition, two common choices include human hair and synthetic hair wigs.
  • Color – Once you decide on the style, the final step is to browse through the variation in wig colors and pick one that looks natural with your shade.

Where to Buy Vivica Fox Wigs

Vivica Fox Wigs are available in the US and internationally. To search for nearby retailers and authorized dealers, you can visit the brand’s official website. There are also online retailers that carry a huge selection of these wigs with catalogs and color charts included for your convenience.